front wheel bearings


does anyone have a cheap source for the above please, for a 2.8,89 rocky.
or is it a main dealer part.

Wheel bearing

Milners of Matlock stock them...inner is £11.75....outer £15 for a F75. Telephone 01629 734411. They do mail order.


thanks guy,s.

If you take the hub off so yo

If you take the hub off so you can see the ends of the barings, there should be a series of numbers. With these numbers you should be able to sorce the barings from a specialist baring company cheaper than a motorfactors. But of course this means taking the thing appart befor having the new barings.

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Daihatsu Front Wheel Bearings

Careful about these bearings. Koyo makes custom bearings for Daihatsu four wheel drives, if you use bearings with the same part number from another manufacturer, NSK, NTN for example, they will not last, the bearings must be from KOYO.