Sportrak Crank


Iam new to these forums and just wanted to say Hi to everyone.

Well the problem iam having is that when the engine heats up i have a knocking from the Crank. I was just wondering if anyone could help with this? Is it a new engine or is there a easier option. Also would it be ok to still drive the car with this problem or is it going to make the engine blow up??

Thanks and I hope some can help as the Mrs (Ball and Chain) Is worried about Driving it.

its a 1994 1.6i 16v


Knock knock

I assume its a petrol Sportrak.If your certain the noise is from the crank its likely to be a 'big end' knocking [clunk clunk in tune with each engine revolution]. The oil heats from cold as 'thick oil' to become 'thin oil' when hot. Thin oil is exactly what it implies, its thin and gives little protection. Any looseness in moving parts will result in knocking noises.
Big end wear could be due to old age/lack of maintainance - how many miles on the clock/ is the oil up to the dip stick level?
Does the hot motor blow blue smoke from the exhaust?
If your lucky a solution could be simple. The noise could be lack of oil or degrading of oil. It could need an oil of the correct grade or replaced by a higher/thicker grade .... when was the oil changed and was replaced with the correct oil grade?

It is a petrol engine

It is a petrol engine yes. I have not long bought the car. So i dont know the condition of the oil. I have also noticed it as a oil leak. it looks like its coming out of the bell housing. I know there should be no oil in there.Can this be anything to do with it?
Also is there a additive i can add to the oil to make things sound quiet?


The big question is ... have you checked the dip stick? What condition is the oil ... black/ thick/ gungy/ white/none!
Oil from the bell housing will be leaking from the gearbox shaft. Most cars do leak a spot of oil. If its puddling on the floor then the shaft seal needs replacing - gearbox removal and replace the clutch at the same time. I suggest you check the gearbox oil level but be careful you remove the correct hexagonal bolt. Get the wrong bolt and the gearbox drops internal bits ... big problem. Search this site for 'gearbox oil' and you will find which bolt is the filler plug. However its unlikely the 'knock' is from the clutch unless the clutch-plate release springs are bent.
If your uncertain where the knocking is centred, use a long steel bar/tube and place one end to your ear and the other on to the running engine. You will be able to focus on where the 'knock' originates. Be careful where you put the end of the bar .. moving parts etc.

Dip stick

The oil seems to be fine. Looks new I have to keep filling up evey now and then. if the clutch springs were bent I would hear the knocking from a cold start wouldnt I? Now I have to go Find a bar and do a little listening.

Thanks I will keep you updated Smile