fourtrack 2.8 turbo diesel VAN


Hi everybody !
I am having trouble with the heating in my fieldman , i dont seem to be able to get much heat out of the thing , is there something wrong with it or are they usually this poor Unknw

Ther normally prety good. Ha

Ther normally prety good. Have you had the water system apart for any reason? If the heater has been drained, there could be an airlock in it. Taking a heater hose off the engine, (especially the return) and forcing water down it, back into the engine (with the radiater cap off) could cuer it.

Any veiws expresed in this thread by me are purely from my own experience, and (sometimes) falible memory. Hope my comments help, but please don't take them as gospel.

Would also say airlock......

Would also say airlock...... As the heaters in my fourtrak are toasting after less than 5 minutes.

Looking for rear seats and belts for my 97 Fieldman F78. Also looking for round dash clock. Leicester area preferred. PM me.

air lock

sounds feasable but which is the return ,top or bottom Unknw
thanks chaps.

Heater poor

Hi Brian

Is the engine actually getting up to the correct temperature. My heater is worse this year than i remember it being last and the temp gauge isn't moving much off the bottom mark so i'm putting a new thermostat in tomorrow to hopefully bring the temperature of the engine back up and the heater working

rubbish heating

the van has had a new rad about 4 months ago.must have been overheating as it had no stat in,i have fitted new stat,flushed the system,added new coolant/antifreeze,still no i went to flush the heater pipes ,drained the system,then tried to get water out of a FROZEN hosepipe !! do they make stats that run at different temps ??