flat battery still


hi ihave posted before but still havent got to the bottom of it so any help would be welcome!
my 92 efi sportrac battery goes completely flat(wont even light dash lights) after 3 days i have found there is a 70m/amp draw all the time i have not found any item staying on(ie cig lighter,interior lights, radio)
one of the 3 battery cables to the + battery pole is drawing the current
its the one that runs down to the starter/ alt but not to the solenoid
can you tell me where it goes & what troubles are common with this fault


Not quite certain what you mean by '70amp draw'. If you put a meter on the battery positive at any position where the circuit is live to the starter and connect to earth, then you will get 70 amps. Thats the amp output of the battery.
You asked previously and got a reply that its probably you battery discharging due to a faulty battery plate.
1. Have you taken the battery and had it checked by an 'expert'. Its usually a free service at most motor dealers.
2. Have you disconnected the battery terminals and tried standing the battery for a 3/few days? When reconnected is there enough power to turn the engine?
You really need to try a few elementary battery checks before dismantling your motor.
NB If something in you motor is draining 70amp and your unaware of the target then leave your motor in the open air rather than your garage, and get a fire extinguisher. Whatever mechanical/electrical item is draining 70amps,that item must be getting very, very hot.

He said 70m/amp

..... presumably 70 milliamps (70 thousandths of an amp for non-eleccies).

So this will exhaust a good 70 amp hour battery in 1000 hours, which is fractionally under 2 months.

flat battery

hi thanks for responding,the battery is a new & i have had it checked
just to be sure,yes i am having to disconnect the battery in between
using it to keep the battery charge up. Also its not 70amp its 70 m/amps reading taken inline between the battery & cable ,i have eliminated items inside the car like cig lighter,radio,c/locking
but dont know what this battery cable feeds (would the alternator draw power phaps if it was faulty?)
any further info would help
many thanks bing


Hi Bing,

A faulty alternator can cause your porblems but i don't know what (if any) is the correct current draw through the altenator when idle. 70m/amps doesn't seem a big enough draw to flatten your battery though. Have you tried disconnecting the wires from the alternator and testing if the current draw from your problem wire disappears?

flat battery

hi, thanks not easy to get to,to disconnect it hence why im trying
confirm the fault before disconnecting it
thanks any way

Ok, easy. Disconnect the cabl

Ok, easy. Disconnect the cable that you think is the problem, and wait 3 days to see if the battery is still drained. If so, then this isnt the problem, and the problem lies somewhere else. If it isnt dead, then whatever the cable is connect to has a problem.


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flat battery

thanks for you reply,thats what i have done & it comes down to that 3rd battery cable & as i said i dont know what it feeds
thanks any way


According to my wiring diagram cable from positive go to the fan and the second to the fuse boxes.
Is the third cable part positive and does it go into the wiring loom or is it a seperate addition? Also what type of alarm is fitted ... mechanical switch or handset?
If the anything is eating the 70amps it will get seriously hot.

flat battery

hi,thanks one cable goes to the starter solenoid,2nd one goes into
the injection/ relay/ fuse box beside the battery & this 3rd cable goes down under the inlet manifold with other wires which are all
enclose in protective armouring (original factory fitted cable),
it doesnt have a alarm but it does have an immobliser which i have disconnected & rechecked no change!
by the way its 70 m/amps
thanks again


70 m/amps is not worth considering. I return to my earlier diagnosis that you have a faulty battery. Perhaps you have another 12v battery that you can connect. Leave for 3 days and see what happens.
I am suspicious of how the 'faulty' battery was tested. Did they use a test meter or did they measure the battery discharge using terminal probes? Perhaps you should get a second opinion from a battery supplier. If your near B'ham try 'Yusha Batteries' [former Lucas Battery Trade Counter - approx £25 for replacement] in Tysley.

battery flat (still)

hi, mace you mention you have a wiring diagram
could you look to see where & to what this 3rd battery cable goes


Looks like it goes to the alternator.