f73 ,7 pin towing plug


hi does any body have the wiring colour code to wire up a new 7 pin towing plug on to my f73 fourtrac if you could email me a diagram that would be great
cheers ian

I asum you mean the car end o

I asum you mean the car end of the wire? Don't have diagram, but if you take the lights out of the rear bumper it is very easy to see which wires go to which lights.
One thing to beware of though, a standard Fourtrak has an earth switched fog light (ie the fog light gets power straight from the batery, and when you switch it on you make the conection to earth to compleat the lights circuit). No idea why. But the upshot is that you either have to not have a fog light conection to your trailer, or you have to rewire the fog light on the jeep to a 'normal' switched positive circuit.

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