YRV Turbo Green Light


Just noticed, in the half light of dusk, a green light come on whilst accellerating in auto.
It is on the odometer screen above mileage.
Any idea what it is please?

The light is a change up ligh

The light is a change up light (change up a gear) like on a F1 car or rally car.

If you floor the accelerator, whilst driving you will see it more, can't remember at what RPM it comes in on at.

In steer-shift mode you will notice it even more if you drive hard.

If you put the car in steer shift and pull away from stand still and keep it in 1st gear at high RPM the green light comes on and stays on until you change up a gear.

If you carry on accelorating and don't change up a gear, the light goes out and is replaced by a red light, this is as your revs are just before the limiter.

If I am driving fast in auto D4 and floor the accelorator to over take, the gear box changes down to D3 and the green light comes on until I ease off and then the light goes out.

Hope this clearly explains how it works.


The green one comes on about 300-500 revs before the redline on the rev counter. The red light comes on pretty much as you hit the red line.

53reg Black YRV Turbo 130