Gearbox Troubles


Hi everybody! I'm new to this site, in fact new to the Daihatsu world, but i've got off to a bad start! Just been and picked up a Sportrak, 91 model, clutch slipping slightly but no great drama's there. Shook hands, drove off and 18 miles later lost all gears except fourth!! Managed to get another 80 miles out of her in fourth gear alone but then decided to get recovery for the remaining 100 miles home! Anyway, my problem is obvious. I need a replacement g'box quickly and at a decent price. Have any of you guys got any good contacts please?

What a luck m8

What a luck m8

I have seen them quite regularly on ebay.....maybe a sporty owner here might be able to help...good luck.

Oh try Graham Dewhurst ..hes very good and very resonably priced...his contact details are under parts at top of page under 'parts dealers'

Thanks Mike...

Cheers mike, i'll have a look at that site and e-bay also! Not a good start to my 4x4 fun!! Anyway, if you here of any other places can you please give me the nod?!