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Hi there, i have picked my Sportrak up today, and give it a good clean and polish, just cant see how to remove the roof..... well i can, but dont know which bolts to remove, any help would be appriciated

Also, does the sunroof come off completely ???

And the suspension switch.... what does that do ???

Thank you


Roof removal. Sorry its a bit long, but it should help.

Hi, hope i can help.

Grab your trusty socket set, and a flathead screwdriver.
1. Remove the rear window, 4 hand screws and two heated window connecters.
2. Undo all the bolts by the inner edge of the rear side windows. NOT the window ones. They might have a grey plastic cap on them, if they do then use the screwdriver to remove.
3. Then follow the edge up to the top inside edge of the roof undo those too.
4. Then come to the back by the roll over bar there are normally two there also.
5. When your ready to pop the roof make sure you have two people there, you can do it alone but its easier once you know what your doing.
6. There are two locator pins at the rear corners above the lights inside. Push up the roof from the back gently and she should pop out, lift over the roll over bar and remove.
7. If your gonna go for a spin with the roof off, screw the bolts back into the holes. As i lost a few then got wise, then bought o soft top.
8. Refitting reverse of above.

As for the sunroof.
Unlock the clip by pressing on the two black buttons, and gently pulling down the central clip.
Then when its released, instead of pulling the catch forward, and up to hold the roof open. Put your fingers on the two metal support bars, then try and clamp the two together with your fingers.
This will unclip the rear lock, and allow you to rotate the roof till it gets to about 45 degrees, then if you look at the hinge it should just lift out towards the rear.
Refitting reverse of above.

Hope this helps. I remember when i just bought my first Sportrak, i had the same thought "How the **** does this come off?" it took me about an hour on my own, and i scraped the paint. Now its a 10 min job on my own.

Mud makes excellent Toothpaste.

Cheers mate, Appreciated, wil

Cheers mate, Appreciated, will have a go tommorow Smile and let you know how i got on Biggrin

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Do the Sportrak/Feroza sunroo

Do the Sportrak/Feroza sunroofs have the anti burglary entry clips on them? The Rocky/Fourtraks have. They are a wire clip that lives in the recess at the back of the sunroof. You have to unclip the locking mechanism, as mentioned above, then slide your fingers along the gap and hold the wire clip back, to allow the rear of the sunroof to go up completely.


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