Clicking noise, starter motor???


Ive just been reading the earlier post about a clicking noise being something to do with the heater plugs.
My 4track has been doing this for the last month or so and last week it wouldnt start. I was told by the garage that it was the starter motor as the battery wasnt dead. They said they couldnt get a new one and got my old starter repaired. The car is fine now but I still get the clicking when I first start up in the morning and for a short while afterwards. Im supposed to be taking it back to the garage for the said noise as I thought it was something to do with the starter and an auto electrician had said the clicking was a sign that the starter was on its way out but after reading the earlier post, I dont think I'll bother. Would you agree?

i wouldn't!

I too was concerned when I first heard this clicking after the engine had started. I took my 4trak to a Daihatsu dealer and went in the back door of the workshop to pick a mechanics brains. This chap who is v experienced on 4traks confirmed it was supposed to do it. Though he didn't give me an explain why. Having read the previous posts it now makes sense! I too have a problem that mine wont start sometimes when the engine is hot! This same chap said it could either be the starter motor or a bad connection to it. He did offer to check it out for me.
Hope this helps,
cheers, Nige.


Thanks for replying and for saving me another visit to the garage, Im not going to worry about the clicking noise anymore. It does all make sense with the weather we've had recently and with what you and the previous posts said.
Thanks again Jordy

To check if it is actually th

To check if it is actually the relay. Find it, under the black plastic cover on the inner wing, between the standard battery position and the wing itself. Now, touch the black plastic cover while a friend turns the ignition on. You should feel the relay clicking.


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It is!!

Thanks David,
I can feel the clicking through the black cover, so its the relay and not the starter causing it.
Really pleased, thanks for all your help