I have been the owner of a 2005 Copen
since new and ever since I have had it,I
have had problems with the battery holding a charge for more than 3 to 4 days. Of course as under warranty it has been back to the dealer who immediately fitted a new battery and said all electrics were ok. However this has not cured the problem and the battery still runs flat after a couple of days of non use! It will be going back to the dealers again but has anyone else had the same problem or can
anyone shed any light as to what may causing a drain? Its so frustrating!


Battery not holding charge

I have recently purchased a Copen. Took it home on the saturday and left it until wednesdfay. Would not start flat battery! garage have had it back for ten days and say they believe it is the battery head housing that is at fault and have now changed it.

They are keepin the car over the weekend to see if problem as been cured.

Keith Parsons