2001 Sirion 1300 auto - just bought - tell us more?


Hi to all Daihatsis - looks like we're joining you. My wife Sarasi's just bought a little silver and chrome 2001 Sirion 1300 auto, 7,800miles, £3800. As I'm a lifelong Fiat man, a Punto Sporting (86bhp 1242cc dohc vvt multipoint) was top of her list but I admit the Sirion she eventually chose looks good. While waiting for the cheque to clear, can you guys tell us more?

Some specs say 100bhp @ 7000rpm, 89lb.ft @ 3200rpm for 2001 but for 2005, only 86bhp @ 6000rpm, 89lb.ft @ 4000rpm. Seems retrograde - is that right? If peak power's at 7000rpm, what's the rev limit? In an auto, you'd have to use the manual up/down gearshift buttons on the steering wheel, to pull those revs? What other cars, Toyotas etc. is this 1298cc K3 dohc dvvt multipoint engine used in? What's the d in dvvt mean? What's it like on handling, braking etc? And as Arturo Ui http://www.daihatsu-drivers.co.uk/node/3765 says, ride quality? And noise? I hope Sarasi won't regret her choice on those points. Any Sirions or other small 2wd Daihatsus used in motorsport? Any performance (handling) bits available? Look forward to hearing!

2001 Sirion 1300 auto - just bought - tell us more?

I'm sure you will both enjoy the Sirion, get used to people asking what it is!

My wife had a blue 'Y' reg Sirion F - Speed auto, which was 100bhp. We thought it was a pocket rocket until we bought a YRV Turbo 130!

Handling and ride are average although I find that the YRV F - Speed my wife now has rolls more in corners, and is not so rapid as it has the 86bhp engine. We found the original Bridgestone tyres led to some understeer, so we replaced them with Continental Eco Contacts with the strange asymetric tread pattern and these gave a better 'turn in' in corners.

The Sirion was a great little car which led us to buy a further two Daihatsu's (YRV's)and suggest the Charade for the mother in law.

The only problem with it was the small boot, a result of the curvy shape. As you are a lifelong FIAT fan, you will appreciate having at least one reliable car in the family!!!

2001 Sirion 1300 auto - just bought - tell us more?

Thanks yrv130. Yes, Sarasi's is the F-speed. BTW my Mreg 130k Punto 75ELX, which still handles supremely, hasn't missed a beat in 70k and has no rust despite never being washed and out in all weathers. Times change - my 69 124AC Coupe is a different matter.

Tell us more, guys!

Sirion Specs?

I can't vouch for any of the performance specs you mention. I have a Sirion Rally 2 which is claimed to do 0-60 in 7.9 secs and top speed of 115mph, but I can't get near these figures and I try quite often.

It's a super car though and is not that small for a small car. Certainly got a lot of headroom. I bought mine because it looks like a noddy car and makes people laugh until I leave them in my dust Smile The boot is certainly ok for a visit to the supermarket. Mine has quite a firm ride but I think it's lowered and firmed up. It does "whine" a bit, but that means nothing to you. You need some feedback from someone with another auto/F speed.

You might be disappointed with this site though. There doesn't seem to be a lot of activity on the Sirion front Sad

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