Got hooked on the rocky before inspecting its state


plse bare with me, cause i'm new at this...
I got me a rocky hardtop'86 2.8 D (no turbo(D*mn)), and loved it from the start,but it had no MOT(?it's called APK here in holland)(the periodical "carhealth"-test),and the tester didnt look longer than 5 min'ts, and told me to get rid of it, or adopt it....well So I did.
So now I did the brake's, all 4 of 'm( they got mud INSIDE the brakeoil lines...?!?)and now I'm facing a
frontal axel revision on both sides..., little bit scared I'm getting in over my head, but tryin to be the
preferbial pittbull and go on.I found a post with a mentioning of a post about similar problem, 27/5/03, but sadly can't find it.I am in a bit of a hurry,'cause of passing the MOT(APK), before I get fined.
some helpful or at least reasuring words will be most welcome..
greetz, floor.

Axle replacement

I'm not sure what you mean by revision (rebuild?), but if your car is as badly looked after as you say consider buying a whole axle second hand (from scrapyard/breakers). If you can get one in reasonalble condition you get: Front half shafts, differential, cv joints, bearings, freewheeling hubs, swivels + seals, brakes all sorted in one go. That is also what you have to check when you choose it. You almost certainly need new shackles (U-Bolts) which are not the same both sides for a front axle. Cheaper than a rebuild and simpler too. I have done it. Remember to fill the differential and swivels with EP90 after.

I can only find very expensive, and also leaking axles

I have tried to find a second hand, but the only 2 I found where very expensive, and both had the same problem of leaking "MoS2"-grease...,the seals are also somewhat expensive, but this way I know This axle is ok for the next few years....

This EP90, do you know howmuch goes in?, cause when I pulled the shaft out of the diff, there was no oil....,while I could look in to the differential...


Hi Remove the diff nut and


Remove the diff nut and fill with oil untill it starts to overflow out of the hole....when this happens you know that you have correct quanity of oil in the axle tubes/differential


Hi mike
Done with it all, sounded and looked a lot harder then it actualy was, got it all together,sealed,greased and workin'again, so after a BIG dental job tomorrow, and after the expected week of "playing roll over and play dead" I'll go and try my luck with the MOT-test..