Sportrak Noise Help please!!


Hi everyone.
My friends Sportrak has a whining noise coming from what I think is the gearbox. It is always there whilst driving, however when you push the clutch pedal in the noise seems to go away. Am I right or could it be something else like one of the diffs.

Noisy G'Box!

Hiya mate!

If you are still wondering about your friends noisy g'box, it is probably the clutch release bearing making the noise. Unfortunately this means the box has to come off but at around £80 for a complete clutch kit it's a lot cheaper than you first might have thought if the g'box had to be repaired/replaced. Hope this helps.

Noisy G'Box!

Many thanks for the help. Yes it has helped as since posting the question I have contacted a 4x4 specialist and he confirmed it could be the clutch. Also after posting the question my friend told me the gearbox had only just been rebuilt at a cost of £400.