Fourtrak rear leaf spring....................


Hi Peoples,

I am replacing a rear F75 leaf spring that has broken into many pieces!

Was all going well until the rear shock lower mounting sheared off!!! This is part of the U bolt retainer / spring plate.

Any one any ideas what to do? Or even a good spare near side one for sale? £45 from our friends at Daihatsu. (Thats 5-10% of the vehicles value surely? ;0)


leaf springs

i replaced both mine last year which i got from milners 1st class service came with bushes and bolts,off hand without looking back i'm sure they were around £45 too.1 replaced easy but the axle had shifted when doing the second one but with help from this site got it sorted,worth looking back to old forums if u have any probs.sorry mate have looked at your letter again and i see its not the springs you r after,try milners anyway for a price for the bit u need,hope u have success.


shocker mounts

mine did that when i did a spring over axle conversion,so i made some brackets from some 40mm box section i had and welded them direct on to my axle


lower mount

remove spring hanger plate,then using your trusty angle grinder remove the remains of the threaded bar which retains the lower shock mounting, then find a suitable sized bolt, cut the head off, fit through mounting holes in the plate and weld in place.

Edward (ews) '92 Fourtrak 2.8 TDX