C'mon guys, lift that oil filler cap off on idle and let me know if yours blows any gas. Dave Dixon told me his does not, not that i dont believe him, i do, but does yours or do any of you know why mine does????
Always happy to help anyone.
D Dave.

I took off the oil filer cap

I took off the oil filer cap whilst the engine was idle and you could definatly feel blowing from it.

I hope this is normal, my car has less than 11,000 miles, it runs great!


Thanks alot guys!!!
It did not make sense 04 car at 16,000 miles, full dealer service with intermediate oil changes and it blows gas??
I'm sure its alot to do with the spec of the oil. Former owner said its using 0w-30 which is as thin as water, although the 5w-30 thats recomended is not much thicker. I do know it stops blowing when you fast idle, the turbo draws it as part of the emmision control process.
Recycled dirty air means less power burn, is this why Uk spec is down on the horses compared to overseas versions???
D Dave.

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YRV Turbo

Mine's blows gas with oil filler cap off at idle, it's a 2003 with 30k miles. It runs well and doesn't use oil - I refuse to be concerned! Is there any one out there with a high mileage YRV Turbo?

YRV Turbo blowing gas

Can confirm both my YRV Turbo and wife's F - Speed both both blow gas at idle from oil filler cap. Both dealer serviced cars - can't be a problem!