Sportrak Newbie


Hi to all,

Picked up a rather old but I am told reliable Sportrak. Sadly this title was short lived as during the drive to its new home it has declared quite a thirst for water.

At first I tjought it was a poor fit on the 90 degree hose that comes from the back on the motor near the distributor. However after much looking about it seems to be leaking from around the thrmostat or something else just below the distributor. Having had a look around theis site , many seem to suffer from water leaks , head problems etc.

I can confirm the following:

The oil does not appear contaminated

It is easy to fire and doesnt need time to clear water in a cylinder (ie head gasket to cylinder leak)

The heater works

This only seems to happen when the temperature guage reaches optimum working temperature, I have seen where the thermostat housing is is a sign for 90F, (is this the normal working temp?).

The temp in the rad is uniform and no leaks or noises come from there.

Any ideas?

Also need a seconhand drivers seat, anyone got one?