What Winch?


Hi every body. I am looking to get a winch for my fourtrak but i am not sure what size (pulling power) I need if the trak gets realy stuck? Would I have to fit a second battery and spilt charging or would upgrading the standard one be ok? Thank you for any comments or info.

I'd say a 3000 at least. Tha

I'd say a 3000 at least. Than's 2 tonn to dead lift the car, and anouther for sucksion. Most of the time you will need only a fraction of this, but if you're going out on your own it's best to have too much power.
As for batteries, I'd say fit a second (big) battery paralel to the standard one (ie leave the standard wiaring setup as it is, but just run a big cable from the positive of the old battery to the positive of the new one, and do the same between the negatives).
When running the wires for the new battery, fit a cut off switch (big switch usually opperated by a red plastic key, found in any boat shop or posibly a sports car type shop)in one of the cables. Now wire your winch up to run from the new battery.
Normally you leave the cutoff switch 'on'. The two batteries will opperat just like one big battery, charging, starting and the like.
However if you find yourself with a car that's dead in the water (so too speak) you can switch the red key 'off' isolating the winch from the 'main' (original) battery. This means that even if you totally drain the new battery getting out of the hole, you will still have the original battery to get the car started once you've sorted the reasion for it being dead in the first place.
Of course if the engine is running, leave the red key switched 'on' to alow the alternator to help run the winch.

Any veiws expresed in this thread by me are purely from my own experience, and (sometimes) falible memory. Hope my comments help, but please don't take them as gospel.

Thank you for that Nev.K. Do

Thank you for that Nev.K. Do you know where I can get a winch bumper from or will I have to make or modify 1? I have seen a winch plate for a landrover defender which I think I would be able to modify to fit my fourtrak. If anyone has any more suggestions please let me know. Cheers Kev