yrv help


just bought a yrv but how do i find out what model, if its a premuim or radical etc... for the insurance.


yrv help

What year is the car? Does it have alloys, rear electric windows, electric mirrors, air con etc?

The difference is in the equipment fitted. If it doesn't have all the toys, its probably a radical.

yrv help

its 2001
has 15" alloys but think they are after market ones
little side scurts
full electrics but no air con

yrv help

Standard alloys are 14", although you could get 15"'s as an option!

According to the spec. sheet I have, it says only premium upwards have aircon, anti lock brakes and keyless remote key fob, Radical 2 model has central locking and no abs, and no seat height adjustment.

I see that the Radical is group 6 insurance and the Premium is group 7, even though they have the same power output!

The optional 15" alloys are 10 spokes with the Daihatsu 'D' in the hub cap wearing 185/55 r 15 tyres. (According to YRV accessories catalogue!)

If none of this helps, phone a dealer with the car's VIN number!

yrv help

has seat height adjustment also
will have to check for the abs.


Sounds like it's just a standard YRV without a model name. The insurance company should be able to tell you from the registration plate, or try the rac website. They have a car check thingy under the My RAC section. Or it should say on the registration document.

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