What is everyone getting from their turbo as regards fuel consumption?
I am slightly disappointed with mine, but I don't hang about!
Locally I get about 30 and on a run back from Cheshire 37.

YRV 13 Turbo MPG

I'm getting around 40.5 mpg as an average over the 24000 miles I've driven the car - I'm not too obsessive about mpg, but my previous two vehicles were Jeep Cherokees which averaged 22.5 mpg!

That seems to be the claimed fuel consumption for the car which is odd because I live in the remote west coast of Scotland and rarely see a motorway or a traffic jam. On the other hand, the empty roads can make it difficult to keep to the 60mph limit!


I'm averaging 39mpg pretty much all the time. That's a combination of town driving, runs up and down the A34 between Oxford and Fareham and blasts out down the country lanes. Am really impressed with it, it's more than my old smart did and a lot more fun!

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Not realy been monitoring it but mines in the 30's(mpg).
I only do short trips to work, it only just warms up before i'm there.
Like all Turbo's,its how you drive it.
Once the turbo kicks in, watch the power needle go up and the fuel one go down!!!
D Dave.

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I got my YRV Turbo last Thurs

I got my YRV Turbo last Thursday and it does seem a little heavy on fuel to me compared to what other people on here are getting. Is there anything that could be causing it to be thirsty?
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Yrv turbo fuel consumsion

I get about 30 to the gallon, average about 140 miles to £20.I think it no too bad on fuel, but not as good as i thought for a 1.3,on the otherhand i have fitter a blitz induction kit and full stainless exhaust, so it proberly uses a bit more.
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Thats the sort of mpg i'm get

Thats the sort of mpg i'm getting and as far as I know everything on mine is still standard.
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