Electronic 4WD failure


Hi Folks, new here so hope this is in the correct place Smile

I've had my Fourtrak EL since new back in 1989, and it was in daily use until 3 years ago when it went into dry dock.

I've had a problem now for around 8 years whereby the electronic 4wd has failed. I've replaced the solenoids twice but its still failed. In the end I took the unit apart, and tested with a vacuum pump. I found that the I could only just engage the 4WD with a very low pressure vacuum, even after taking the unit apart and giving it a good clean. I did hovever find it relatively easy to "pull" the gear in by hand.

My questions are as follows.

1. Is this a common fault?

2. Am I going about fixing this wrongly?

3. Does this fault mean that I need to change the transfer box?

4. If I've got to got to that length, can I retro fit a manual 'box from an earlier model?

Many thanks,