rear window demister switch


the rear window demister switch does not light up any more when pushed on and i dont know if it is just a bulb in the switch, is ther a bulb inside it or how can i find out even if the switch is working or not as i dont know if its still demisting the window

How to test the switch.

Wait for the window to mist and press the switch!
Rocker switches usually have a bulb incorporated in to the switch. Either get your hand behind the dash or pull the switch forward from the dash. Many switches have side 'wings' holding the switch behind the dash-board. Usually the switch will pull slightly forward then the wings catch behind the dash-board. You might need a blunt knife between switch and hole, to press the 'wings' into the switch to enable extraction. Look, think and extract!

checked the switch and it is

checked the switch and it is working but just need to get a bulb for the light on switch. anyone know where i can get one as the dealers dont do them


Try somewhere like Maplin, I'm guessing it's a pretty small bulb in the switch.

53reg Black YRV Turbo 130

Try a scrappy?

I think the switches were fitted to quite a few different models, try seeing if you can get one from a scrapyard.

53reg Black YRV Turbo 130