Fieldman or Fourtrax?


Ive finally had to let my trusty Isuzu trooper 3.1 go. 165,000 miles mostly done by me and she has hardly ever let me down So after reading all the reviews and talking to local farmers I’ve decided that what I need is…....a fourtrax or is it. And this is where I need your help do I go for fourtrax or fieldman I’ve found a good looking fieldman in my price bracket (2001 X reg) on searching the net and buying costly magazines even ringing the local Daihatsu dealer (mentioning no names)
no one can tell me the differents or spec except that "it a van in nit"
I don’t need flash just rough & tough dog proof vehicle
If i was getting a fourtrax I would be taking the back seat out anyway
1. will it cost more to insure Unknw
2. TDL & TDS is it just the sky light windows that are different?
3. is it the same engine?
4. does it tow the same weight?

Please can any one help or point me in the right direction

Fieldman or fourtrak

Sounds like you want a Fieldman TDL, more space in the back than the TDS, otherwise the same vehicle, and of course no seats, we got one, an X reg cos we have two dogs and got fed up with ferrying kids around.
We have had it two years now and its been a star, total reliability, a true first time every time vehicle.
Insurance, we are with Norwich Union, two hundred and a bit with good no claims.
Can't speak highly enough of them a real gem of a vehicle just at home on the motorway as a ploughed field, they will even plough it for you I guess!


Thanks Gromit67 firstly I would like to apologise for not getting back sooner but I had forgotten my new password and it’s taken me a week to work out how to get a new one sorted “doh”
After taking your advice I went to buy the fieldman but unfortunately after inspection I have found out that it had almost been completely been rebuilt after an accident so I had to let it go
Further searches in my area revealed that almost all fieldman’s wanted VAT on top and because I am no longer VAT registered it was like giving away a £1000 to the tax man
So I am now the very proud owner of an R reg TDX independent (50,000 miles) with the rear seats removed insurance is great fully comp just over £130 with the new Post Office offer (well recommended)
Many thanks again

Let the good times roll

On question 2, were you meani

On question 2, were you meaning the little windows at the top of the plastic roof, on the sides? i'm not sure about the 'names' but the plastic rear roof (with the little windows) is fited to the long wheel base. the short wheel base is a meatl top, with no little windows, and no raised bit of roof to put them in.
I hope that helps a little?

Any veiws expresed in this thread by me are purely from my own experience, and (sometimes) falible memory. Hope my comments help, but please don't take them as gospel.

glad you got sorted

Pleased to have been of some help, we also have a TDX well a short wheelbase van any way but an 85 so I guess they just didn't have TDX's back then. Its a real knarly old rust bucket but it goes like poo off a shovel and I am getting very fond of it. All the best