Charade alloy wheel badges


Hi all,
Does anyone know where i can obtain some new 'D' 70mm stick on badges for the alloy wheels on my 1997 1.5 Charade? Thanks.

Alloy Wheel Badges

Try Ebay, item no.8036480832. Seller has 60mm self adhesive 'DAIHATSU' badges at £9.99 plus £2.00 postage. There is also a listing for 52mm Daihatsu 'D' badges on an auction - no. is 8038269130.

Daihatsu Wheel Badges

i agree with YRV 130,try Ebay.
You are best asking each of the many sellers if they do that size?
I made enquiries a few months ago about having some 50mm with a black D on silver grey background for my Charade GTti. Nobody listed that size or the design i wanted. Most said only those as shown but one said he could do any size and maybe a different design, trouble is i am not too sure who that was, think it was the seller EMBLEMANIA. Just type in daihatsu center wheel badges, or leave off the daihatsu for loads more to chose or contact.
In the end i did not send for the Daihatsu ones as i located an identical set of MIM badges to match the MIM rims.
Hope this helps,

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