Petrol Consumption


I have got a 89' 1.6 16v Sportrak, and it is terrible on fuel, by terrible i mean awful

25 Quid will get you 100 miles, therefore its 25p a mile......

Whats the crack ???? :o

Petrol Consumption

I have a 90' Sportrak and I get around 200 - 250 miles from a tank, which costs me around £40 - £45.

The engine is the same as in a Daihatsu saloon car. Due to the increased weight of the body, the fuel consumption is far higher.

I normally get between 20 - 25 mpg around town, and 28 - 30 at best.

petrol consumption

there are different factors why some cars consume much gasoline, namely is your engine specs, probably your engine needs a tune-up in all angles, so that where Tata Rudy comes in, he's and expert on daihatsu engines


Start by renewing the air filter.

Petrol Consumption

I had the same problem - turned out to be the choke failing to come off fully when the engine had warmed up - might be a good idea to warm yours up, then take the air filter off, and see if the choke flap in the mouth of the carb is vertical. Mike M.

Another great idea is to ligh

Another great idea is to lighten up on the right foot, and to keep a constant throttle on motorways etc etc....