engine oil and filter


what type of engine oil and grade should be used and best on 1.3 engine(37k on it)??
and should i use Daihatsu oil filter or can i use aftermarket one and which after market one should be used or does it not matter?

who makes Daihatsu filters

Oil + Filter

Hi Gazo,
i assume you have not got the owners manual???
Have a look at the bonnet lid, there should be a sticker on the left under side of it.
It states what grade oil you should use, my Turbo says 5w-30's but running on 0w-30 but cant see there being a problem with 5w-40.
Local spares shops have reference books which will tell you the ideal oil spec for your model.
If its still under warranty, you should use a genuine filter available from any Daihatsu dealership to keep it valid.
If not any brand filter, from any Parts shop, they are all the same.
Regards who makes them?? probably a factory in Japan with a name no one can pronounce!!
D Dave.

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