brakes caliper


hi everybody i have a problem with a noise coming from under the jeep and on investigation i found that my caliper is a bit lose. meaning the small caliper you loosen and take out as you change your brake pads. as i travel down hill i touch the brake pedal slightly and the noise dissappears. i only had this problem after i changed my pads. any ideas on how to rectify the problem?

please send some technical advice i really need it. i drive a sporty by the way!

thanks gooinie plato

Bump and Grind

When I bought mine it made graunching noises under light braking, so I assumed the pads were shafted and replaced them. The old wones were fine, but i did it anyway while i was there. I greased everything up correctly, torqued everything up and used threadlock to boot.

They still groaned. Last time I drove it they didn't at all so maybe it's a cold weather thing? Or maybe they just got bored groaning away? Dunno, but they seem almost ok now. Weird...