How much will tank tow??


I habe a 2.8td 1989 foutrack. Want to know how much it will pull legally. It pulls a horse trailer and 2 horses with little effort but someone told me today that I am excceding the tow limit??? I'm sure i'm not but can't find anything in writing in my manuals. Can you put me write!!



the legal limit you can tow in the UK 3500kg (3.5T), you have the beast that can do that and more....the 2.8TD can tow 3500kg (Gross).

If you have a two horse trailer (suitable for two 16.5H max horse's) at a guess you are looking at 1000 to 1500kg unladen weight (dep on age etc....), my wife had a little 14.2H, he weight 900kg.....however, our friends Hunting horses weight about 2300kg EACH.......

But in answer to your question, the Fourtrak can legally tow 3500kg, which is the max gross legal limit.




Thanks for info. My trailer w

Thanks for info. My trailer weights 900kg. (it says it on the front)
My horse weights approx 430kg (14.3 welsh cob) and friends horse weights 460kg so I think that's well within the weight. What do fourtrak's weight themselves approx of course?? 900kg for a 14.2 is it an elephant in disguse?? I know mine weight what they do as the vet had to check for giving antibiotics.
Thanks for info, i thought it was 3.5ton, think the guy was winding me up cos he's got a landrover discovery and I said mine would prob pull more than his.

My F75 2.8 Rocky (Fourtrak)we

My F75 2.8 Rocky (Fourtrak)weighs 1.9 tonnes. It has towed 3.7 tonnes of trailer and bobcat. We didnt realise it was this much weight till we put it over the weighbridge at the end of the journey. Way way illegal over here in Oz.


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they can only pull 3.5T legal

they can only pull 3.5T legally BUT James has pulled a 7.5T laden truck with his. they will pull just about anything that you fasten them to if you are careful!

kerb weights

I think his site is a bit doubtful as it says that the Grand move is a 2.8 TDL .If you contact the police or ministry of transport they will help you out with the legal weight limits because the last thing they want is you to break the law !!!! you could even stop a traffic cop and he will probably be able to find out for you.

hope the helps


keep the sunny side up and the muddy side down !!!!

Keep the sunny side up and the muddy side down!!!

It also says: "85% (or even

It also says:
"85% (or even 100%) rules are not "rules" but guidelines which have no substance in law"