my sportstrak wont start help


just bought another sporty my third in 6 days k-reg 1.6 elxi 55,ooo
on the clock, she turn over plenty of fuel good spark but she just wont start, shes not run for 3 months any advice?


If there is fuel and a spark then the distributor could be set incorrect. Has the distributor been out and put back in the wrong setting. Its a common error to set the distributor so it fires on the exhaust stroke rather than the inlet stroke. If so it will never run.
Unless you know how to refit the distributor - dont try until you get further advice. Im certain we can help!

Maybe the petrols gone off. I

Maybe the petrols gone off. I nthe UK our unleaded goes off now after just 2 months!! My bike wouldn't have it, so I used a syringe to squirt some fresh juice in the carbs and it fired up. I then ran on the old stuff to the petrol station, where i put fresh super in. Try som efresh petrol just for starting. Once running it shoudl be fine, but get some more fresh in the tank.