Newbie question?????????????????


About to purchase my first ever 4x4 it’s an M registered sportrak. But one query on the test drive the clutch had a lot of travel to base of vehicle footwall also a bit stiff to get 1st gear in but this could have been my error. After engaging not a lot of clutch release before gear engaged.
Could the clutch be on the way out or is this normal. Forgot to mention all the other gears worked fine.

wanna mira

hi folks. seen an L reg Mira for sale. it's a 5 door. has 61000 miles, mot til august, tax says it has an 800cc engine, presumably a 3 pot. (i used to own a 1ltr 3pot Cuore, loved the engine). it looks tidy from the photos i've seen.they want £450. can anyone telll me wot to look out for and maybe give any tuning info on this car? please.also, would the 1ltr 3cyl engine and Cuore box fit in if i wanted to do an engine swap.i look forward to any info. ta folks.


to find out if clutch is nearly finished I hold handbrake fully on then engage 1st gear and pull away slowly if it stalls judders or pulls away its ok but if it stays still and engines revs go up its almost certainly finished. stiff 1st gear could be the gearbox a bit knackered.
I always recommened when buying another car its always best to take along someone who knows a bit about them even if its just another pair of eyes it might cost you a tenner for his time for a drink but its worth it.

Clutching at Straws

Are these things hydraulic clutch or cable? If hydraulic then it could be a leak in the system (usually slave cylinders in other cars)which would need fixing, or it could just need bleeding. If it's cable, I'd vote for worn clutch and all that jazz..