terios brakes


i recently purchased the cd manual through the site as i wanted to adjust the brakes on my 2003 terios sl.
the service section refers you to section BR but that secion only deals with the ABS system.
can anyone advise me of the method

terios brakes

I brought the vehicle from Haxby's the Plymouth main dealer who have since gone into recievership.

I understand from the forums that with 20,000 miles on the clock pads and shoes should be ok but the parking (hand) brake will not hold the vehicle on a slope.

I am taking the drums off to check for hydraulic leaks or other problems but have no idea how to adjust the handbrake cable or check if the automatic adjusters are functioning correctly.

This is my first 4x4 and i have not had to do my own repairs foe over 15 years and cars have progressed a bit since then.