sporty head gasket


just bought k reg 1.6 elxi sporty, got spark got fuel wont run.
did compression test got 5 bar each cylinder is this good? if head gasket gone how easy to do and any major problems?

Not enough info.

What makes you assume the head needs sorting? If it has compressionit should kick over.

1. Is the radiator full? Is there any sign of oil floating on the coolant?
2. Whats the condition of the oil? Does the oils show signs of water/brown gunge on the dip stick?
3. Whats the history of the Sporty? Has someone done DIY and then assumed they have killed it?

Without as few more details any postings wont really help. Post a few more details and we might be able to give a few tips.

sporty head gasket?

rad full, oil ok
been told it had been running before i bought it,
checked timing with no: 1 cylinder at tdc,
rotor arm at no:1 lead on cap,
new plugs fitted checked gap ok,
drained fuel tank checked for water,
put fresh fuel in new fuel filter fitted pump ok,
if i heat the plugs then put back in she tries to fire,
once but then nothing,

diy might of been done? #
any ideas what to try next.

sporty head gasket?

Hiya mate! You need to establish several things first before you go looking too deep! You need to establish whether you are actually getting fuel to your cylinders and also whether you have actually got a healthy spark to the plugs! A blown head gasket will not always prevent the engine from starting. Another thing is to be 100% certain that your timing belt hasn't snapped!! Check this before all other things!!! Let us know if you are not sure how to check this! If you are sure that the belt is ok then establish the two other things i've just mentioned. Also let us know if you are unsure about how to check these items also! (Not being patronising, just not sure of your mechanical background that all mate!)

sporty head gasket?

hi pete thanks for the advice
timing belt ok,
plugs getting wet allfour,
spark at plugs healthy? they spark when i test them on the block, tried the coil of my other sporty still the same level of spark,
how can i check if this is good enough?

sporty head gasket?

Hiya Mate! Do you know if the distributor has been removed from the engine for any reason? Or even if the cambelt had snapped previously? These are both reasons why your timing would be 180 degrees out if they hadn't been put back together properly and as 'Mace' has rightly pointed out above, your engine may well be trying to fire on it's exhaust stroke!! Have you got any more history upto the last time she actually ran?

BUT >>>>>>>>

You write
'checked timing with no: 1 cylinder at tdc,
rotor arm at no:1 lead on cap'
BUT was the cylinder [nearest the radiator = number1] on COMPRESSION stroke? Many fall for the same mistake and reconnect the distributor so its 'firing' on the exhaust stroke.
Remove number one spark plug. Put your finger over the spark plug hole. Rotate the engine until you feel maximum compression under your finger. Now number 1 cylinder is in compression. Now check the position of the rotor arm/distributor cap/number one cylinder .... are they 'in-line for electric spark'?