Taking the roof off


Hello all. Just bought a fourtrak on a k plate with only 37000 miles and have a few questions (as its my first 1)

1. Can u take off the plastic hardtop with ease for the summertime. (Looks like a fairly straight forward job but if its so easy then howcome ive never seen any on the road?)

2. Could the fact that its only done low miles be a worry. If its been sitting about idle for long periods of time then could this have caused any problems with the engine? (the millage is genuine, ive got history)

3. The stereo is RUBBISH. How easy is it to fit some decent speakers (Have to be loud-ish to get over the noise of driving the beast) but will fit in the standard slots if at all possible as the windows act like a shopfront forlocal pikeys. The speakers I have are the tiny 4" ones that came with the car. If not then has anyone fitted a subtle stereo sysetm that works well. Also any tips on soundproofing would be usefull

4. Finally, I know that this looks like ive bought a dog of a car for driving like a ned but i can assure y'all that this is not the case. The car is used dailly for towing a trailer and Ive noticed summit a bit odd when its connected up... when the trailer is connected and the lights are on the foglight on the trailer and on the back of the car light up about as much as the driving lights. When I turn on the foglight, the lamp goes on in the car and off on the trailer. Its a new-ish ifor williams trailer ans seems ok when towed with a volvo? Strange

Any help would be much appriciated

Thanks All

Dodgy Lights!!

Hiya Mate! Item No4 above regarding your lights etc, you'll probably find is an earthing fault with your Fourtrak's trailer connector. If you reckon the trailer was ok on another car then this is more than likely the problem. Before you go ripping the electrics apart, have you got access to another trailer to give it another go? If not, have a look at your connector loom at the back and if it looks tidy enough, then give your connector block a good blow out and a good spray with some penetrant such as WD40! Worth a try before you go too deep!

3. The stereo is RUBBISH.

mines fitted with a serious mount of stereo gear,
its easy enough to sort out depending on how far / loud you wanna go,

head unit / stereo fits into the radio slot - obviously

further amps / cd changers can be fitted under the rear seating,
ideally on a moveable board that can be dropped into the footwells behind the drivers and passenger seating,

if a single amp is used it could be fitted behind the glovebox,

speakers i personally have fitted include,
6" 3 way speakers to the front doors,
(back of panel fitted with M.D.F surround to take the weight) to the side panels in the back / rear seating area,
and a bass tube which is removable to the boot area

i have not fitted any sound deadening as the fitting quality
means i have no rattles/vibration or resonance issues

system fitted includes,
rad/cassette head unit with 12 disc changer,
(cassette adaptor used so i can use my phones MP3 playing)
(phone also has Tom-Tom sat/nav installed)

2x 360w rms amps to drive ^x9's and base tube,

1x 240w rms to drive front 6" 3 ways and additional tweeters

total = 960watts rms - ear bleeding stuff Shok

the system is also linked to colour monitor & xbox,
which is used for gaming/dvd playback/music playback from xbox's internal hard-drive - all this plays through the amp/sound system

and before anyone starts - yes she will be being used off road,
i like my music,
as much as my mud....

practising falconer so i do get off road regularly Biggrin

Thanks all, will try all of t

Thanks all, will try all of the above solutions and let you know how I get on. Have got to get her through a mot on monday so fingers crossed. Laters

The rear roof comes off fairl

The rear roof comes off fairly easily. But, then you have the solid rear door sticking up in the air. Thats probably why its not done too often.
However, you can do one of two things. Either, make up a bracket to take the number plate and light, and fit this and have the spare behind the rear seat, or get a second rear door, and cut the upper part off, so it sits flush with the top of the rear, like a ute.

To remove the top, remove the rear roof lining. Remove the 4 large screws across the top at the front, remove the 4 bolts along the window sill on each side, remove the 2 bolts on each side that go into the back of the B pillar, remove the bolt each side that bolts the rear roof hoop to the rear 1/4 panels. Remove the entire rear door seal, and the rear roof section should come off in one piece. The rear is actually 3 piece, but you should be able to get it off as one.


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