Light lense screws


I need to replace a side light bulb but can`t undo the flippin screws. Have sprayed with plus gas but still won`t budge.
Any idea`s?

Light lense screws

When the problem is likely to be two rusted parts, and nothing will move the bolt, screw, wheel from hub etc - boiling water is worth a try. It tends to be kinder on the surroundng area than a naked flame. It works because the items will expand at differing rates as the heat is applied, and then contract again when the heat source is removed. Once the bond has been broken the WD40, and other such products can penitrate better (but give them enough time to work). The trick is to do it before you damage the part, and obviously do not use it in areas that will be damaged by heat.

Light lens screws

If the screws are corroded then the only thing to do is drill the head of the screws off i.e. choose a drill which diameter is the same size or very slightly smaller than the head of the screw. Drill very carefully applying less pressure as you get closer to the depth of the head of each screw. Keep stopping and looking, bit at a time. Eventually you should just be left with the shank of the screw which doesnt hold anything. Do this for each screw and the lens cover should come away. Then you should be able to use a good pair of pliers or water pump type pliers to turn the shank of the screw loose to remove. This is the method I always use when faced with this problem and it works for me. Good luck.;)