smoking fourtrak


OK 1985 nat. aspirated fourtrak diesel that goes like a dream and when running doesn't smoke at all, I know this cos my wife followed in our other fourtrak up hill and down dale, and not a puff. However on start up it's almost embarassing, loads of unburnt diesel smoke but it stops within moments of driving away. The glowplugs are ok and it passed its emission test on the last MOT without a problem so any suggestions. With these still cold evenings in the works car park I'm getting noticed! Must say it is rough on start up but settles quickly but the smoke would indicate that anyway. Any one with any ideas please!!!!



How did you check the glow plugs? did you disconnect each one and then check, or just checj for 12V?
If they do all check out okay In my experience, although the glow plugs check out ok when tested with a meter they are not always up to scratch...i.e, they are no longer reaching their true temperature (850°C +). Some get dirty and messed up, yes they work, but not too well.

Take them out an inspect them, some times the tips wear out....





smoking fourtrak

glowplugs are new, improvement on new glow plugs was slight to nothing

cold start

Hi Gromit,

It could be your injectors getting a bit carboned up and not atomising the diesel as well as they should. It may just be one that is worse than the others so its starting on three cylinders and then once it get a little more heat in the cylinders the fuel is able to burn more easily and run more smoothly. I wouldn't worry to much about it, but you could try putting some diesel injector cleaner through the system. Alternatively you could try leaving the glow plugs heating for 10-15 seconds after the light goes out (you'll hear the glow plug relay click in and out about 4-5 times) then start the engine.

Hope this helps

Smokey Fourtrak

Hi,Diesel/Daz is on the right track (or should that be Fourtrak) whats happening is your injector/or injectors are worn but atomization is being achieved (when running) "from your statement the vehicle runs like a dream when warm & no smoke".Whats happening is when you stop/ or leave the vehicle for a period of time the injector/or injectors tips are dribbling fuel IE leaking diesel into the cylinder or cylinders I had the same problem with a 1989 None Turbo 2.8 Daihatsu Engine fitted into a Range Rover it drove me nuts smoking on start up then cleared as it started to warm up. I got sick of the jibes(Hay mate your Landys on fire)So we had the injectors tweaked/ & cleaned at our local Diesel Injection Specialists & the problem was cured & it was even better on diesel than before hope that helps regards Paul AKA Stan

Smokey fourtrak

Thanks for the input Paul, have been doing my four twelve hour shifts on hence the delay, off to the injector people this morning to get 'em tweeked and cleaned, will let you know, again many thanks

smokey fourtrak

Sorted, refurbished injectors are now in, and the old bus is no longer smokey and quite a lot quicker off the mark. The injector nozzles were in the words of the tweaker man, eroded way. Not a cheap fix, four new nozzles at £20 each but well worthwhile. Shall have to get onto the rust now.
Wasn't expecting to have to bleed the fuel system on completion but its all aprt of the learning curve I guess, many thanks for your help.