fourtrack cv boots


my fourtrack cv boots have gone and i am told that this is an MOT failiure so before i put it in for its MOT i was going to change them. I just wanted to know if this is a big job to do or would farmer with basic workshop skills be able to do it...

Fourtrak cv boots

I have yet to attempt this job on my fourtrak, but have done it on other fwd vehicles. It is time consuming with the potential to create other damage if they have not been stripped for several years. That is still the case if you put it into a workshop.

There has been comments in the past on the site. Check out

I would like to know if the split lace and glue replacement boots are successful. The idea looks good in theory, but they I just wonder if they are better for a short term fix rather than a long term solution.

Let us know how you get on.

cv boots

Hi, I did both cv boots on a 98 4trak commercial a couple of months ago. You will probably need a box of split pins to replace the old ones which hold all the suspension parts together. Mine were pretty knackered on removal due to build up of dirt. The hub needs dismantled and the two big nuts removed from the shaft. " No need to remove the circlip on the end of the shaft" though.
Tap the shaft with a soft hammer to pull apart the inner joint which is held in place with a snap ring internally.
The job is do-able with limited equipment but make sure the cv grease is well away from the rubber or surfaces where the boot seals or it will never stay on when you are putting it back together.
Milner do a kit including packs of cv grease which is reasonably priced.