Metalic Paint Requesition Problems


Does anybody know where I can get hold of some metalic paint for the 'resin top' of my '92 Fourtrak? The body is metalic black and I've got some of this but the glass fibre roof is metalic silver and I can't seem to find a match. I have found that Halfords do a colour match service but need a definative code to get the right tone. Does anybody know of a resource where I can find the code apart from a CD copy manual or a local dealer? Cheers.

Hi If you live in the UK th

If you live in the UK the following info is relevant

There should be a plate fixed to right hand side of the bulkhead (as u face vehicle)
The plate carries lots of info regarding your vehicle including the colour code.
The bottom line on the plate has two numbers.The first and longer number is the engine type..the second and shorter number is the colour code for your vehicle.

I had a look at the official manual published in 1991 and it list all colours available...however there is no mention of metallic silver only metallic gray..though it does list three two tone codes which are Daihatsu codes....


Check your plate for one of these codes.

Black metallic has a code of maybe NA5 is silver /black

Hope this helps

Thanks for your help Mike,

Thanks for your help Mike,

I already tried that NA5 two-tone code thinking along the same lines as you, but either the guys at Halfords mixed the grey incorrectly, the mixture proportions they were given were wrong or it is not the right colour because it came out as a VERY dark metalick grey (almost black), and met black. The paint code breakdown for this two tone configuration NA5 is (6A5/168). It was the 168 that was the very dark met grey.

Don't suppose anybody knows if 168 is Very dark or is it meant to be more silvery?

Cheers, Jer

Jer 168 is most defititely


168 is most defititely Grey states this in the manual.Actually I just checked the manual again and sure enough the
NA5 code is 6A5/168..Black metallic/Grey metallic.
I am not sure when silver as an option was introduced cos as I say its not mentioned in the manual I have.
The other two two tone codes I posted are not for silver either.
Sorry Jer but I reckon you will have to contact a main dealer to get the code. Whats the code number on your bulkhead plate Unknw

Mike and others, thanks for y

Mike and others, thanks for your help.

I may have misled you by calling the colour 'silver' as it is pretty much grey metallic. I think we're talking about the same colour though!

The bulk head plate only refers to the 6A5 Met black of the body and when I contacted Daihatsu UK with the VIN number, they were only able to confirm the Met black of the body because the resin top colour is not recorded on each vehicle (perhaps because it's detachable?).

Silver Metallic

Hello Jer,
I have an old 1985 Four Track and the official manual for it. Here is mensioned a Silver Metallic color no. 148. If this is the color you are looking for it is a mix of 3 diff.
Prime Color used Mixing ratio in %
1131 White 0,9
1101 Metallic base 78,6
1565 Gold Yellow 0,5
I hope this will help you.

Per, thanks for the suggestion.

Per, thanks for the suggestion.
If I was to mix this colour 148, do you know what makes up the other 20%? (0.9 + 78.6 + 0.5 = 80%) I might try taking this back to Halfords to see if it matches their mixing ratios.

Color 168

Hello Jer,
I do not know what the last 20% is, since it is stated in the manual the way I described it for you. I can however (in the 1991 CD manual)find the color 168 under diff. supplier names like Dupont (code N8832), ICI (B936B), Dpies Hecker (97728), Standox (168).
Hope it will help you.

Colour Matching

Hi Jer,

If you go into any decent body repair shop they should be able to match the colour for you with swatches. The only prob will be that the paint will probably be active and needs heat to cure.

Ask Halfords if they can do ICI colours - if so the grey metallic code is B936B. I had my local bodyshop knock up a small batch for me recently.