Which 4x4


Just a quick question...

Which STANDARD 4x4 is best off road , out of all makes and models given a budget of around £1500 to £2000 Unknw

I have had a Suzuki samurai 1.3 and a Sportrak 1.6 and have to say the Daihatsu seems better until you take it up a long steep climb when it just seems a little gutless at the top of the hill .

I have looked at Fourtraks and LWB seems quite low at the towbar but I have never taken one offroad so dont know if it would catch or cause a problem !!?!!

Question only for arguements sake not sure whether to change 4x4 or not . Also Daihatsu owners seem to be "A better class of driver" than other road users does anyone agree ???

it really depends on what sor

it really depends on what sort of off roading u do and what else u use the vehicle for. our old discovery , 5 door is fine for towing the caravan and ferrying the kids about, but its wider and longer than the fourtrak, which is only 3 door, the fourtrack will fit through narrower gaps. if u are into serious offroading towbars and sidesteps can come off before they get torn off. a snorkle to raise the engine air intake for wading is a good idea. i wouldnt even consider a petrol. there are plenty of diesel fourtraks and discoveries arround in your price range, funny thing is landrover defenders seem to be more expensive than discoveries which is odd as they are basically mechanically the same. if you insist on petrol i guess a v8 rangerover is a possibility.

what kind of offroading

Well lets put it this way I play mainly in quarries not deep water or really deep mud but there are lots of places where you need a good exit angle and lots of ridges to cross so you need good ground clearance.

Keep the sunny side up and the muddy side down!!!