Fourtrak heating query


I've had my 1997 Fourtrak TDX for 2 years and in this time its proven to be reliable, rock solid and (most importantly) fun.

However, since day one I've always been curious as to why although hot air comes out the foot and windscreen air vents, the air from the vents at the front of the dash is always the same as outside (i.e. freezing this time of the year!). Haven't got a manual to see if this is the norm but suspect it isn't.

I'd be v. grateful for any help.

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Les Brown
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Northern Ireland

The dash vents are only 'fres

The dash vents are only 'fresh air' vents I belive. They do not go via the heater matrix.

Any veiws expresed in this thread by me are purely from my own experience, and (sometimes) falible memory. Hope my comments help, but please don't take them as gospel.

dash vents

the vents are the same on mine dont know the reson for this.
it could be to help with the demisting of the windows? not very sure

wish i'd asked

wish i'd asked before taking my dash to bits to see what was wrong with mine although i didnt get into the vent i came across a cable that was turning a steel rod at the back of the vent but seemed not to be doing anything.i take it theres nothing wrong with mine if it only blows cold air but i do find it rather strange and doesnt explain what the second cable does.

Hot and fresh air

If you read your owners manual it explains that with the controls set at foot and face position it provides fresh air for the face whilst maintaing nice warm or hot air at your feet.
if you dont like it move the selector to foot only or face only. both will provide warm/hot air only.
i personally love this cos i prefer cold air on my face but nicely toasted feet! i have missed this in previous vehicles since having an old E21 model BMW which also had this feature.
Tops to Daihatsu i say!

blowing cold air

Great stuff! All makes sense.

Thanks for the help.

All the best.