bent engine rods


Fourtrak 1989 turbo diesle broke down on m40 thought i had dropped valve as fireing on three cylinders, or broken cam belt.
Had head off bent push rods £21.60 + vat each Sad all eight. Head ok Smile and cam belt ok, timing spot on(unlikely jumped and returned to correct position) will change cam belt any way, but not over rev'd any ideas on whats happened to cause damage Scratch one-s head Going to put back together tomorow dont want same to happen again :help

bent engine rods

dunno how true this is ,
as i personally have not tried it,

but the chap who i have been getting my bits from for my fourtrak,
does a hell of a lot of off-roading,
he has run fourtraks for donkeys years and does all his own repairs etc

he claims that if cam belt goes its a simple fix,
even if rods are bent,

simply use a hammer to true the rods back straight,
easy enough to do so he says

dunno what the rest of the site members reckon,
but if it saves the levels of cash being asked from diihatsu for new ones,
might be a cash saving tip

good luck anyways

might have worked if i Hadnt

might have worked if i Hadnt snaped two getting them out, any way all reassembled and running with new rods Smile Now its only my wallet thats upset!!!!!!!!!