Turbo on start up


Hi i've this quite annoying problem since i bought my Fourtrack two years ago, i just wanted to know if it is common or just mine. After a cold start the turbo will not `kick in` until after about five or six seconds of revving which is a little annoying because i live at the bottom of a large incline and when starting with a heavy-ish trailer is not great. Once the turbo has `kicked` in it is fine and i'm pretty sure gives maximum power consistantly until the engine has been switched off and left for a fair amount of time until the next start up. I know it's not a serious problem but is a little baffling to me, what is causing this?. Could it be that the turbo has to build up enough pressure and needs an amount of time to do this or is it a temperature thing?.

Any light shed on this would be appreciated and next time i have the M.O.T i can mention this and maybe solve it if it really is a problem consigned to just my 4trak.

Thanks Davey4trak

Turbo on start up

Just a thought.

I have seen several diesel turbo engines where the turbo is lubricated by the engine oil. They won't allow the turbo to start rotating until the oil pressure reaches a certain level, to stop the turbo from overheating and seizing.

Could be something else, but its just a thought.