Need Help With My Rocky


Ok I have a 1990 Daihatsu Rocky SX. It blew the head gasket so i took the head off and took it to the machine shop to have it trued up. All went well i put a new gasket on it torqued it down to specs and bolted everything up. It will now run but its running really badly. He told me it was getting to much gas that either A: the timing was off B: the vaccum lines were not hooked up right or C: a sensor was bad. I have reset my valve timing 3 times theres no way it could be off, i have a shop manual for the Rocky and it has a vaccum diagram so the vaccum lines are ok, but i have no idea what sensor might cause this thing to run so bad. So what could be my problem? The local mechanic is stumped and says hed have to look at it himself but id rather not have to pay someone to fix it. So any and all input is GREATLY appreciated.


Valve gap.

Did you set the valve clearance to the correct gap and did you do it in the correct order?
NB The clearance setting in a hot engine is different from the clearance setting in a cold engine.

I ssume you adjusted the valve clearance when 'cold' ..
1. What gap did you set for inlet and what gap for the exhaust?
2. In what order did you adjust the valves?
3. What degree tdc did you set the distributor?
Also sparkplug gap = 1.0 mm