Replacing the standard steering wheel of a 1995 Charade..Need help finding a boss to fit!


Hi all,
I have bought from ebay a HKB boss kit, do a search on ebay for this number: 8040583680, and you will see what I mean. When it finally arrived I carefully took my original wheel off and then attempted to fit the boss..and it doesn’t fit! the thing seems too small to fit my car, the hole in the middle of the boss, the bit with the teeth seems about 5mm too small Sad it said if was for charades 1987 onwards and the seller told me it would fit.

Has anyone had any experiences fitting a new boss to a mid 90's (1993->1996) Charade? Or know of a make of boss that will actually fit?

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im unsure of what your origin

im unsure of what your original steering wheel is like,
but i have a fourtrak
and finding a boss kit was a royal pain in the butt,

kept being told they dont do them as theres so many variations to diahatsu models

i ended up,
cutting the centre plate from my original heel and turning this to a diameter suitable for my 'mountney' steering wheel,
the ring for the hron was in a plastic mount on the rear of the wheel,
this to was turned to suit the boss,

i can report the whole thins fitted and works a treat.

Thanks I see what your saying

Thanks I see what your saying..thats a bit drastic I think, it means destroying the original wheel, not something I want to do at the moment, the boss I have is less than 5mm too small, there must be a similar model boss out there that’s the correct size..i just need to track it down! My cars a G201 with a 1.6 engine by the way.

Steering Boss.

Are you sure they have sent the right one???
Cant see there being anything different about your Charade than any other, think the Australian boss is boxed wrong.
Measure the diameter of your column spline shaft and ask the sellers.

Check these out -

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Thanks for the links, I will

Thanks for the links, I will get some accurate measurements in the next couple of days and hope someone out there makes a boss to fit, I was thinking as a last resort going to Halfords, although that’s a 40 or 50 mile round trip!
My second thought was maybe a Toyota starlet boss would fit? Toyota own Daihatsu my charade looks very like a starlet, I don’t know if there are any common parts shared by the starlet and the charade? Maybe I should ask that question as a separate thread..