Fourtrak engine problem



I'm a bit concerened about my Fourtrak engine - under load at motorway speeds the engine occasionally makes a 'farting' type noise and blows a load of smoke out the back! Has anyone else had this problem?

Any advice would be greatly apreciated.


do you have the 2.8turbo, if so i'd think it would be a problem with your turbo can you give any more information.


Yeah sure,

It's the 2.8 turbo. The car's about ten years old and has about 40,000 miles on the clock. It's actually called a Rugger - a Japanese import with an F73 chassis number.

The turbo is not noisy while driving normally but there seems to be a loud whooshing sound coming from the middle/back of the car when accelerating hard.

The problem mentioned above only seems to happen at motorway speeds though.


not sure

not sure thought with the smoke it would be turbo, think i'll have to pass and let someone more expearianced help you. hope u find the prob

engine problem

Jim H.G. Strawbridge M3WNZ Hi, have you thought it might be a few problems.. the Exhaust valve sticking..or all of them...A cracked oil ring or two..or oil pressure reaching a certain pressure that it is forced up the rings of the piston or through a journal which may suggest new seals and bearings...apart from the fuel suply being contaminated and collecting in the pressure pipes and forced through at high revs there aint a lot more I could suggest?...but good luck in sorting it..If it is a Turbo have a look at the clamps etc it might well be that with engine revs increasing the vibration may dislodge the turbo minutly to give eccess fuel could be something more simple like too much oil in the sump or oil / fuel pump wear.. Inspect the exhaust system for adverse crap in the pipes and fire box etc.. C how U get on. certainly a headache?

Jim H.G. Strawbridge M3WNZ

Farting fourtrak.

It sounds as if it could be a sticking injector. I had a similar fault on a Shogun so I put a dose of Redex through the tank and it sorted it. Have the filters been changed recently?