Re Model JDA L701-HA 3 door Aoyo We have just bought a used model Coore Auto and it does have some vibration. I have read a road test which refers to this vibration as Ghastly.
Can any one tell me the cause of this vobrtaion and exactly where it comes from. .It seems very strange that a car maker would market a car with this problem as a part of the deal. I was a bit dubios about buying it but it did have two airbags and also a written warranty so we looked to be covered if the pvibration was going to lead to trouble. I feel a lot happier since learning the vibration is usual in this model but am really finding it hard to beleive the makers would let it past thr R and D stage ,let alone market it. Will some one like to respond? Many thanks Pelicancourt

Vibrating Cuore

Is the vibration from the engine? The first time I drove a three cylinder Charade automatic, I was surprised at the slight vibration through the steering wheel and pedals. However, it is no worse than the vibration from a modern diesel.

I have a workmate who bought a three cylinder Corsa, and not knowing it had only three cylinders, took it back to the dealers to complain about the vibration - he was very embarrassed! Having driven the Charade, a Corsa and a Smart, all with three cylinder engines, the Daihatsu was the most refined of the three.