Stupid question time - Locking hubs


Now bear with me as I am new to this 4x4 malarky...
The locking hubs, are you supposed to be able to turn them from "Free" to "Lock" by hand? Mine are particularly stiff, and won't budge by hand. Is there a tool or something you're supposed to use, or is it a case of getting a pair of pliers on them?? Scratch one-s head

Please excuse any double-entendres in the above question! Smile

Presuming they are manual, an

Presuming they are manual, and it sound like they are (with lock and free stamped into them). Yes you should be able to turn them from 'free' to 'lock' with your fingers. They probably have not been used for some time. Just getting them moving a few times may solve the stifness. Alternativly, undo the end 10mm bolts (or 6mm (I think) alan key bolts) at the very end of the FWH carfully slid it out (in 'free' position). Then librely smear grease on all the splines inside (don't pack it out as this will stop everything moving just as well as no greas at all). Finall put it back together. The end should fit in three positions, but the bolt holes will only line up in one position.
One word of warning, don't wiggle the end too much when removing it as you could cause the spring inside to come out of it's seating holes. This is not a majour problem if it does come appart, as you can re tred it into its seating. However avoiding the situation would be prefurible.

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