Styling a fourtrak from a sportrak


Hi guys.
My '87 Fourtrak is in need of some TLC and i am now finally in a position to revamp it.
Trouble is, i know as much about cars as the queen does about housework!!

Can anyone suggest any stores that i can get stuff from? ranging from seat covers to wheel arches.
Also, how similar is fourtrak to the sportrak? in other words would a sportrak dash fit in a fourtrak? as my interior is grey but i want an all-black theme going on, from carpet to dash, and think it may be more easier finding bits in black for the sportrak.

One more query, is there anywhere that i can drive my car to, where it comes out all resprayed and posh and neat, y'know, like "pimp my ride" type thingy?

Thanx to all for any help.

It's all black , innit?

Not much help on 'pimping your ride', but i can help with the dash.
To swap a dash is a nightmare not really worth bothering with. What is better, and i have used it in the past to transform a dull interior, is Vinylcote. It is like a paint for plastics, except it doesn't coat it, it works it's way in and changes the colour. When I have used it in the past there are no brush marks or anything liek that. There is a bloody strong thinners smell for a day or two, but you can do the dash and all the other plastic work if you wish. I got mine from a small motorfactor shop years ago, but I imagine it is still available. Obviously, try first on an out of sight patch first to see if you like the effect.

another top tip for changing

another top tip for changing the look of the dash etc

is to swap the dash lighting for the clocks to L.E.D's
all mine are blue,
and its a simple swap,
makes those orange needles on the clocks sing out,
and i can now see the clocks a lot more clearly,

Dash lighning

This sound interesting mate, i was thinking to do something similar to that. Is the installation complicated?

Can you put a photo of your actual dash lightning?


hi guys, thanx for the advice

hi guys, thanx for the advice given i shall attempt to do that to the dash, prob end up cheaper anyhow.

As for the dash lighting, ive been thinking of doing that for a while now, but like Xperience says i too would appreciate a picture.

Would sportrak wheel arches fit Fourtrak?
Also, i would love to replace my rear lights for 'lexus style afterburners' type, i found a site that does many but none for daihatsu, would any other vehicle make fit the fourtrak?

I know im asking lots here but i really want to be proud of my little beauty as she looks a bit worse for wear at the moment.

I know how to drive 'em, race 'em, crash 'em! just not how to fix 'em!