Steering wheel security devices


Does anyone know if there are any anti-theft devices in existence that will fit onto the steering wheel of the Fourtrak?

I haven't found anything to fit yet from your usual high street outlets, and while I'm sure that nothing will stop the determined thief, any deterrent is going to be better than my Fourtrak sitting there naked yelling come and get me!

Cheers all,

Vicki C
(still vibrating... (the fourtrak, that is))

Steering lock

Halfords and many other motor shops sell suitable locks, which fit 4x4 cars. Try the long-yellow-tube type, which passes through one side of the steering wheel and attaches a claw-lock to the opposite side of the steering wheel. There are two devices on sale which look very similar - make certain you buy the one with two hardened steel bars contained within the 'yellow rectangular sectioned tube'. Price about £50. Avoid the 'crook lock'( lock is easily forced open) and the security device that fits over the gear change/handbrake (can be lifted away by changing gear)
PS..Yes its pricey but you get what you pay for!

Anti-theft devices

I've got a Autolock 2000 disk-lock on my sportrak. It covers about 2/3rds of the steering wheel (big bright yellow thing, with a bar sticking out to prevent the wheel being turned) - looks nearly impossible to get off!!

I think its thatcham approved too, so can reduce your insurance premiums as long as its always fitted.

I went to a little local accessory shop and got it for £40 while at the same time halfords were charging about £55!!