15"X10J Wheel Rim's - Any good on an F78?


Just took possesion of 4 new rims 15"X10j. Does anyone have any experience of this size rim on an idependant and what size tyres can be fiited. I had a quick look on www.bronco4X4.com and they state a 33.12.5 tyre. I fancy having some grizzly claws at this size or maybe slightly smaller if necesary/possible but not sure if they will fit without any mods etc and how this will affect gear ratios and economy etc? Any advise is very much welcomed.
Thanks in advance, Nige.

I've just put 31x10.50x15R on

I've just put 31x10.50x15R on mine. This meant the tyres fouled the body work and springs, which reduced the already bad turning circle. So put on 32 mm aluminium wheelspacers to give extra clearance (off EBay). If your're going to put 12.5's on then i would guess that you'll definately need spacers and for 33 inch possible a body lift as well.

Haven't noticed any real difference in ratios or economy, but speedo is under reading by about 3 mph according to the GPS.



31x10.50 15r

fitted as set of 31x10.5015r to my f78 killed the fuel econemy a bit by about 50 miles to the tank full but depends if i am on the road more than i am off. has uped the gearing a bit to as the 31x10.50 15r are biger than the 255.75 15r