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Just purchased a Sportrak for the missus, and have found that there is no hot air coming from the heater matrix :(. Temperature gauge gets up to half way as normal but no hot air!
Reading some other posts, generally on over heating engines and head gaskets gone etc i don't think mine has this problem but maybe a blocked heater matrix or cooling system?? How do you go about unblocking a heater matrix? Or am i totally off on a tangent and that it's down to something completely different?
Any advise greatly appreciated, Many thanks Nige.

no hot air

I had a similar problem on a couple of other cars , one was the thermostat and the other was an air lock in the heater system .
So I would start by bleeding the system properly if that doesent work it may be the thermostat because some cars have a two stage thermostat , first stage waits for engine to warm up properly then when the engine is warm it changes to allow the heaters to work .My sporty seems to take for ever before the heaters warm up so it might have a two stage thermostat . Not sure but it might have . If bleeding the system does not work I would probably change the thermostat cos it wont do any harm and they are not expensive .

Hope this helps and let us know how you go on!!


Keep the sunny side up and the muddy side down!!!

Keep the sunny side up and the muddy side down!!!

No Bloody Wonder!!!

Eddie thanks for your reply. I've just been under the bonnet and found the problem. Basically the water hoses do not go through the heater matrix! Shok They bypass it, so I can only assume there is a problem with it leak or similar, dunno?? Gonna have a go at sorting it out tomorrow! Watch this space!


Just to let you know the problem is now solved! I just connected it all back up as it should be and we now have lovely heat coming out! Can't understand why it was like this, can only assume someone has done some work on it and bodged putting it back together :?. Relief for me from the ear ache from the missus Biggrin

Probably a heater matrix leak!

Your heater matrix has probably been disconnected because its leaking. I suggest now the matrix has been reconnected watch for the damp patches down the side of the tunnel alongside the matrix. You often get a gurgling noise when firing the engine from cold as the water fills the overnight void in the matrix. Also check the radiator level because it will lower if the matrix is dripping.

S*it Happens!

Cheers Mace.

Yep quite right it sure is leaking :'(. I guessed as much! Are they repairable? Is it easy to change for another??

Sad Nige.

i don't know if its the same

i don't know if its the same system or not but the same thing
happened in my charade and all it was was that a cable from the
heater control had slipped off its peg and the flap in the matrix that allowed hot air in was staying shut! simple! hope its a help!