Charade G201 1.6 - Original Jap. camshaft question - power increase sought


Hi all,
I have been looking about online to see what info I can find on my 95 1.6 GSXI Charade, I found this little nugget of info on wikipedia:

"The turbocharged GTti version was replaced by a more conventional GTi with an SOHC 16-valve 1.6 L engine. This version was engineered by De Tomaso (the previous owner of Innocenti), including racing-derived camshafts, and was capable of 124 hp JIS (91 kW) in the Japanese market. The export version was detuned to 105 hp DIN (77 kW). De Tomaso also added their own bodykit, Recaro seats, a Nardi Torino steering wheel, and Pirelli sports tyres. A total of 120,000 Charade GTi were produced following this joint effort."

This would seem to suggest the cam was changed for the UK and why the engine only puts out 105bhp, I would like to get an extra 20bhp from my car by changing the cam, my question is, and would it be that simple? Or would I need to do other mods? The info above does appear to talk about the GTi version (GSXI) not the De-Tomaso which is 135bhp as far as i know, so it seems quite possible.

3days after getting my charade the exhaust/backbox died so I had to try to get a new exhaust system, I ended up going to Powerflow and they made me a SS System up, so I have an ok basis to increase the power..the next thing I want is a MR-T-Rally Rampod airfilter unless anyone knows of a good system available in Europe for under £100?

My other question is does anyone know where I could get the Japanese version of the Cam to make my car closer to 124bhp? MRT Rally appears to sell them, but they are the other side of the world and over £200.

Basically I want to do some fairly simple-ish mods to allow the engine to produce the power it was originally designed to output for the Japanese market as these are the raw theoretical statistics of what i would like:

Power at Flywheel (BHP) : 124
Weight without Driver (KG) : 750
Power to Weight Ratio (BHP Per Ton) : 167.99
0 - 60 (Secs) : 6.58
0 - 100 (Secs) : 17.97
60 - 100 (Secs) : 11.38
Quarter Mile (Secs) : 15.06
Terminal Speed (MPH) : 91.55
Drag Strip Quarter Mile (Secs) : 14.86
Drag Strip Terminal Speed (MPH) : 93.18

Many thanks,

hey! have been on to rospen m

hey! have been on to rospen motorsport in oz?? i know its the other
side of the world but their help and advice is excellent and their
cams and ecu's for the detomaso are good value i reckon! they have
induction kits too..they've been a great help to me when my one was

Thanks for the link, the pric

Thanks for the link, the prices are about the same as MRT Rally it seems, but another option for me Smile

I might have a bigger problem with my engine anyway, it seems to be using oil faster than expected and a lot more than my last car (1.4 8v and French), I have found no leaks and there isn’t any black smoke coming from the exhaust when its started, however if I accelerate hard in 2nd gear for example there might be a small amount smoke, I’m not too sure yet as I cant be behind my car whilst driving it! It’s a HD-E engine that’s done 102k miles. I’m doing an oil change today + new filter to see if that helps things.

Where did you get those perfo

Where did you get those performance figures from Unknw As they look very optomisitic to me having been in a couple of Detoms.

Re getting thre most from it I would suggest you have a chat with CTM Performance in East London. They have a very good reputation for engineering without crazy prices and they should be able to regrind your cam for greater duration and higher lift and possibly gasflow the head to.

Daihatsu Charade GTti Owners Club

Daihatsu Charade GTti Owners Club


Nothing wrong with MRT I have used them many times
without problem, their stuff is generally high quality and they
did actually help Daihatsu to win 6 consequtive manufacturer
championships in Australia (i.e. beating every other make from Suburu to Mitsubishi)

The last two times was in a 1.6 GTI.

There is also company Rospen Motorsport he raced a 1.6 GTI for a while.

The guru is Rick Bates Whose rally wining 1.6 put out well over 200bhp.

I believe the ECU was also swapped also.

The De-Tom is the version to have and the Jap spec is the variant to have, recaro seats and a de-tom body kit as well as 120bhp.